Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Designer Sarees 


The most typical and cultural attire of women in India is the Saree. Over 5000 years old, it has withstood the test of time. A saree may sound like a bit of a mystery with all the pleats and folds for those of you who have never put one on. If you are keen to buy the latest designer sarees that are gaining popularity as a stunning choice for evening and occasion wear then shop for online sarees.

You can always shop for online sarees that offer a wide range of styles and materials that originate from different states of India. Selecting sarees that match your lifestyle can be daunting. So to make your life easier we have put together an ultimate guide for purchasing designer sarees.

What is a Saree?

Sarees are usually unstitched fabric cloth ranging from about 4-9 yards in length that is draped over the body in various ways. The border or end of the saree is richly decorated with designs, also called a pallu. The saree is worn by pleating the waist and pinning the shoulder, draping it down the back. Another way is to wear it open over the shoulder and drape it over the arm. Shop for online sareesto experience grace and elegance.

A special blouse worn also known as the choli and a petticoat worn under the saree. The saree material is tucked tightly into the petticoat so that it doesn’t fall down, as it is wrapped around the body. Some sarees generally don’t come with a piece of the attached blouse so you will need to purchase that separately. Once you have purchased a saree it is then taken to a designer or tailor who will hem the saree and stitch the blouse according to your size.

Types of Designer Sarees:

  1. Silk Fabric

Silk is the most common fabric that is woven into textiles. Due to its shimmer, smooth and soft texture or feel, this fabric is considered to be one of the most expensive and preferred fabrics for occasions and festive wear. In India, silk sarees are produced in various techniques depending on each state in India.

  1. Raw Silk &Tussar Silk Sarees

The rough texture of raw silk is because of its shorter fibers. The beauty of this fabric is that it’s delicate, so it needs better care. The dull gold sheen for which it is popular is all-natural. The Tussar Silk is a popular choice of Raw Silk Sarees that is produced in Bhagalpur, Madhya Pradesh. buy the latest designer sarees and embark on the significance of tussar silk wherever you go.

  1. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees were originally made by weavers from Tamil Nadu. The fabric is considered to be one of the highest quality sarees that is woven naturally. This saree is distinguished by its wide contrast borders woven with heavy silk or gold yams usually worn on festivities and occasions.

  1. Banarasi Silk Sarees

Originating from Varanasi, India, the Banarasi Silk sarees are considered to be among the finest sarees that are known for their gold and silver brocade work. The intricate design work was inspired by the Mughals because of the use of such fine silk and opulent motifs. The saree is heavy and mostly reserved for special occasions.

  1. Ready Pleated Saree

The beauty of a saree comes out only when it is draped perfectly. Sarees are adored by women of all age groups and in the modern age, women love to flaunt themselves in a saree. But sometimes not all women can adhere to the art of draping a saree. Our Indian designers have found the perfect solution. The latest trend now has a new drapped version of a saree that can be worn quickly just like any other western outfit. Popular designers like Dolly J and many more have introduced stunning drape sarees that feature-rich tradition and embroidery work. Sarees come with an already ready draped pallu and pre-stitched pleats attached to them. Shop for online sarees that have been trending for their canvas for fusion wear.

  1. Sequins Embroidered Saree

This design is popular among many high-end designers. The sequence creates a 3D effect on the fabric and adds a flashy and gaudy look giving the fabric a stunning look. In India, many designers have concentrated lace sequin fabric which is most often used to make gorgeous-looking sarees for occasions and parties.

  1. Zardosi Saree

The Zardosi Saree consists of heavy and more elaborate forms of beautiful embroidery done with golden threads, seeds, pearls, and beadwork. This designer wear outfit is mainly done on fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin. It’s usually used to embellish wedding outfits and heavy coats. Most wedding saree designs are in zardosi. The comfort and tradition make it simple to carry.

Now that you must be a little more confident about buying your Designer Sareeyou can always check out websites to shop for online sarees. We hope that these tips help you out to buy the latest designer sarees the next time you shop.

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