Top Trending Haircuts And Styles For 2024

When it comes to hair, everyone makes many considerations before choosing the right style, cut, or hair colour for themselves. Cutting a hair too short and not even liking it, and being forced to wait until your hair grows out can be the most painful. If you are currently confused about which new haircut to try, you are not alone. 

The top trending haircuts and styles for 2024 might just be the inspiration you need. Some people like it short and bold, others like it long and classy. And then there are people who are confused between the two. This blog might give you good ideas. 

Trending haircuts and styles for 2024.

  • Jellyfish cut.

According to research, a jellyfish cut is going to be one of the major haircut themes of this year. It also has become very popular and trending on all social media platforms. This hairstyle features sharp, contrasting layers of hair that are different in length. 

The long length reaches your waist. However, the short one stops at your chin. Some of the hair is curled inwards, and the remaining part is towards the outside to give it a resemblance to the marine animal.

  • Baroque bob.

When talking about trending bob haircuts, you can not miss out on baroque bob. This is a big hair trend in 2024. This hairstyle perfectly suits people who are blessed with natural curls or people with long bob haircuts that have grown out. Many celebrities in the US are getting this trendy haircut, which perfectly depicts the combination of beauty and modern artistry.

  • Side swept bangs.

Bangs got out of the trend a few years ago. However, these lost hairstyle trends are back with a vengeance this year. Many celebrities and social media influencers are finding these hairstyles cool again and posting their pictures. If you already have bangs, just part your hair one side to get a side-swept bangs style effortlessly. 

  • Italian bob.

Since bob haircuts are trending this year, the Italian bob is the perfect haircut to get if you are a beginner. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is inspired by the Europeans, features a short chin-length haircut, and is styled to fall around your face. 

This style is slightly longer than most of the bobs and looks very similar to longer haircuts. If you are considering chopping your hair off or want to try a short hairstyle, you should get an Italian bob haircut today.

  • Velvet hair.

Shiny and lengthy hair resembles luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet, which offer immense glimmer and movement. Treating your hair as a luxurious fabric can upgrade your looks. You can either go to the salon for glossy treatments or perform them at your home through good hair care and routine. The trend for straight and glossy, silk hair is one of the hottest trends of this year.

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