Style and Comfort Speaks With the Plus Size Bodysuits

Plus Size Stockings exist? The piece is almost unanimous in the looks with the arrival of winter. The black version is the most famous, but we guarantee that you can make incredible combinations with the colored, printed and fishnet stockings, the darling of the moment.

We know that it is still difficult to find plus size sizes of the item, however, some popular stores are already able to serve women with sizes up to 56. Here are some useful tips to assemble style and comfort with the item.

Fat in Stockings, Yes: Fashion Is For Everyone

You have probably already read in some fashion outlet that Plus Size Bodysuits don’t look good on fat women. We’re here to prove just the opposite, aren’t we? Everyone can wear whatever they want. The important thing is to feel good. Tights are free for everyone. The higher the thread number, the thicker and warmer the piece. For places with milder winters, wire 40 is a great option.

For those with very thick legs, the unforeseen situation of the stockings unraveling with the friction of the thighs can happen. In this case, the cool thing is to invest in thicker versions (60 wire, for example) to avoid the problem.

I’m Fat and I Want to Start Wearing Stockings: what’s The Best Look?

If you’re still not used to the piece, some combinations are right. Tights are a very versatile item, which easily takes summer looks into winter. With dresses and skirts you can’t go wrong. You know those loose shorts on the legs? It’s also pretty cool. And you can always wear it under ripped jeans, letting the sock appear as a stylish detail.

Tips for Outfits with Stockings for Short and Tall

There are no rules and no limitations. But if you’re a short fat girl and don’t want to look smaller. In general, opaque and neutral socks visually decrease legs and hips, but that doesn’t have to limit anyone. For those who want to look taller, the great trick is to match the color of the sock with the shoe and the bottom of the look.

And don’t think that this tip is only valid for Plus Size Lingerie. The consultant guarantees that the piece in red, for example, with shoes of the same color or wine looks beautiful. Monochromatic looks have this advantage. Tall fat women can follow the same line. The whole look of one color gives the impression of a few inches more and those with color breaks shorten the silhouette. But it is worth emphasizing that fashion information has to be used in our favor to manipulate messages, never limit. If you love some combination, play.

Fishnets On A Thick Leg: You Bet.

The fishnet stockings started to rock in the summer, but the piece continues to reign in the winter and you can wear it calmly on days with milder temperatures. And don’t think your leg is too thick, huh? Stop being nervous and test with looks that you feel comfortable with and, of course, that have to do with your style. You can think of fishnets like regular tights, but with the added bonus of having texture, which makes the look more interesting. The smaller the plot space, the more discreet it is.

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