Importance of Black Hair Colour

Black is an absolutely amazing shade that gives you a rich and luxurious look. Black is the natural hair shade of Indians. We are already lucky to have natural black tresses. Nowadays, every woman across the globe is colouring her hair black because black always remains in trend. Earlier, Godrej black hair colour was used to cover grey hair. But now the situation has changed and having black hair is a luxury and class. Of course, this shade can be paired up with various other shades to give you a transformed look.

Black hair can become a little boring for us Indians because we have them naturally. Thus, we can blend different shades with black to change our look completely. Black is a low-maintenance shade that is always in trend. Black has the highest concentration of melanin. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wearing off of this shade and hair damage. By having this hair colour can actually save your money.

The best thing about black hair colour is that it serves as a great base for hair colouring. No matter which hair colour you choose, black hair colour will always make other hair colours look amazing. Do you know what black hair colour symbolises? We bet you don’t! Well, black is the colour of survival, resistance, and celebration. Black represents that despite all the trouble, you and your hair have survived and this is a reason for celebration. You can blend this shade with other hair colours to give your tresses a natural and beautiful look. There are a lot of hair colours that you can try like red, blonde, brown, purple, etc.

To dye your hair black, you can use Godrej Expert Rich Crème. It is an organic hair dye that is enriched with Amla, Reetha, Vitamin E, etc. It conditions your hair from root to tip and makes your strands look lustrous and voluminous. Also, this hair dye treats your various hair issues like split ends, dandruff, breakage, etc. Try out Godrej Black Hair Colour to give your locks a thick and shiny look. Now that you know the importance and benefits of black hair shade, let us have a look at the shades that can be paired up with black colour to elevate your overall look.

Godrej Black Hair Colour with Highlights

Highlighting is an amazing hair colouring technique that adds depth and dimension to your locks. It is a great way of improving the texture of your hair while adding colour to them. Black is an attractive hair shade that makes your hair look thick and voluminous. There are a lot of highlighted shades that can be paired with black hair colour to enhance our complexion and personality. Knowing which colour to choose is a task. Thus, to select the right shade, you must talk to your hairstylist. He will guide you better as to which shade will suit your skin tone and personality. So, without further ado, let us begin with the best shades to pair up with black.

  1. Teal Highlights

Make your hair brighter with teal highlights. Teal highlights done in an ombre hair colouring technique make your hair look extremely beautiful. There are a number of unnatural shades, but this shade of green looks more appealing and vibrant. Keep your hair dark at the roots and colour the rest half of the section teal to give your hair a dynamic look. Style your hair in perfect curls to give your hair a stunning look. Try out this hair shade now!

  1. Caramel Highlights

Caramel is a warm and versatile shade that enhances the complexion and eye colour. It blends effortlessly with black hair colour and looks absolutely amazing. Black hair subtly touched with caramel highlights is one of the best shades that you can try. This shade adds a tinge of warmth to your locks along with depth and dimension. You can pair this hair shade with a short and edgy haircut to make the shade more interesting. Colour your hair strategically in the front to give your hair an elegant look. Try out this hair colour and provide your hair with the best look!

  1. Green and Purple Highlights

Cap highlighting is a great hair colouring technique for medium-length hair. Give your hair a cool shade of green and purple. This shade will give you a peacock feather look which will take your hair game to the next level. Style your hair in beach waves with this hair shade to give your hair a stunning look. Try out these shades of highlights and give your hair an unconventional and chic look.

  1. Chestnut Ombre Hair Shade

Finally, a warm shade that suits all hair styles and skin tones! Chestnut is a warm and subtle shade that gives your hair a rich look. When this hair shade is done in an ombre hair colouring technique, you must expect nothing but praises from all the people you meet! This shade gives your hair a perfect depth and dimension, thereby making your locks look lustrous and shiny. This shade is best for long hair and you can style it in curls through the quarter-half. Try out this amazing shade and give your hair a luxurious texture that every girl dreams of!

  1. Warm Brown Hair Shade

Black hair with warm brown highlights is a perfect combination. You are bound to steal hearts when you go with this shade. This hair colour is perfect for girls having dark hair tones. Best for fair complexion, this colour gives your hair a stunning look. It elevates your appearance and adds a certain sense of style to it. Try out this amazing shade and give your hair some warmth!

  1. Rich Burgundy Highlight

As the name suggests, this shade gives you a rich and classy look. Black is already a classy shade and when it is paired with burgundy, the richness is elevated to the next level. We all love the contrast between burgundy and red and it is time to give our hair a trendy look with this contrast. Red and black hair colours complement one another and are always in perfect sync. Leave one half of your hair black and the other half of your hair red (at the ends) to give them a tempting look. Try out this shade and get a perfect hair shade for every occasion.

  1. Rosie Highlights

Pink is the new hair shade in town! This shade is receiving love from a lot of women across the globe, the gradual transition of black hair into the rosy pink shade is undeniably a head-turner. Whoever lays eyes on this shade is bound to fall for it. Styling your hair in curls is the best way to make this beautiful shade evident. Try out this hair colour and give your locks a rosy glow!

So, these are some of the best hair colours that one must try with a black hair shade. These hair shades give your tresses a rich look. Well, as far as black hair colour is concerned, it is best to use Godrej Black hair colour. All the dyes of Godrej are 100% natural and are infused with Aloe Vera, Amla, Reetha, etc., that conditions your strands and gives your hair a voluminous look. Try out the shades highlighted shades mentioned above and give your hair some colour and care.

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