How to identify whether a name label is washable or not?

First of all, the washable label must be waterproof. If the label is put into water, the surface picture dissolves in the water, or if you rub it with your fingers when the name labels are placed in water, the coating on the surface falls off.

Thus, the name tag stickers are not a waterproof label. Secondly, peel off the sticker and put it in the water. If the glue will fall off or melt, it is not a waterproof label.

The adhesive of the waterproof label is insoluble in water. The washable label need to be washed at least 30 times without falling off when it is washed by washer, it is be called washable name labels.

How many kinds of washable name labels?

There are usually two types of washable blank labels, one is the stick on name label, which has a layer of self adhesive on the back of face film, and the face is plastic instead of paper.

For washable labels, the material limitation is very high, the adhesive must be super high tack washable adhesive, and the blank washable name label material must be a kind of printable plastic. Another type of washable label is the iron on label.

The biggest feature of this iron on name tag stickers name label is that it is installed through the ultra-high temperature of the iron on, so the combination with the surface to be adhered is very strong.

However, the iron on washable name labels has several defects. The first is the high price. The second is that the installation surface and material have the limitation due to the high temperature method of iron on.

For example, for some curved surfaces, such as water cups, or not resistant to high temperature places such as plastic, cannot be installed. Third, the iron on name labels installation efficiency is low. Due to the iron on method used, the installation efficiency is not high.

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