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The freedom of expression, inventiveness, and uniqueness that characterise street art are what set it apart. Art in the streets is a wide-ranging and diverse trend that is becoming more and more popular as the quality of street art grows in scope, style, and sheer skill. We call this kind of work “street art.”

Even still, there are many who are baffled by street art. In their thoughts, images of graffitied bus stops, pockmarked streets, and “yoofs” with spray cans near railroad tracks come to mind.

A brief history of the situation

Street art, including graffiti, has had a colourful and controversial past. Despite the fact that wall art has been existing since prehistoric times, the reasons for its development nowadays are far more varied. As to the question, “Why?” As a form of self-expression or as a means of making a political statement, or for no other purpose than the desire to do harm. For Faile’s Street Art it works fine.

It’s a two-step process

The complexity of street art is seen when it is viewed from various angles. It’s possible to see street art in a number of ways, from paste-ups and murals to stencils and tags.

Every country has street artists, and these artists are influenced and motivated by the many cultures and creative traditions found around the globe. This has resulted in an enormous collection of urban art that can be found all over the world. New pieces emerge on the board very instantly as previous ones are erased or eliminated. Nothing stays the same for long in our fast-paced world!

A sense of mystery and suspense

Why did this artwork end up in this location? What does that mean, exactly? Is there truly any meaning to it? Who’s to blame? Why?

There are a lot of questions when you’re interested in street art. Even while Instagram has made it easier than ever to discover more about street artists’ work and why they do what they do, many street artists still want to remain anonymous due to worries about privacy and legality. In case of the Street Art Graffiti Collection it works fine.

Politics in the Public Sphere

Political and social concerns have always had an impact on graffiti and street art, and many individuals have used it as a means of anonymous political protest in their cities. Political and societal concerns have always had an impact on street art and graffiti.

Furious attitudes appeared on walls in Greece as a way for citizens to express their displeasure with their country’s economic woes.

Although some political declarations have been outspoken in their opposition to the bill, the majority have been argumentative. Freedom of speech is crucial when people believe they have limited power but nevertheless want to express their anger, indignation, or opposition to political injustice.

Arts and crafts allow people to express themselves through their own creative expressions. They also allow the underdog to establish themselves via their own artistic expressions. Artists that use graffiti and other types of urban and street art to push the limits of what is considered acceptable are setting new standards for creativity.


Artists don’t even need to have thousands of followers, a large social media presence, or be regarded seriously by galleries or an artist agency in order to be recognised as a “genuine” artist. It’s up to you where and when you want to show off your work.

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