Can Clothes Build Confidence in Your Kids? Why Not!


One of the most important goals of parenting is to raise confident and self-reliant individuals. With this in mind, every parent strives to turn daily activities into teaching moments. Education and playtime are possibly the two activities we focus on the most. Parents of growing children understand that story time, games, meals, picnics, outdoor activities – just about everything can be an exercise in teaching the kids to think for themselves, express their likes and dislikes, and become confident young people. Learning to pick the right clothes is one such aspect that helps boost your little one’s self-esteem.

Understanding Weather Appropriate Attire 

One of the first things a parent considers when picking their child’s outfit is if it is weather appropriate. A summer day would call for a lightweight cotton T-shirt and shorts or perhaps a soft flowy frock. A windy day may require boys jeans pants or tight leggings with a pullover or a hoodie. Only a good understanding of the nuances of appropriate dressing will let the little urchins learn self-reliance and how to protect themselves from falling ill. Involving children in picking their weather appropriate clothes will help them gain confidence on their choices.

Dress for the Occasion 

We all have our own likes and dislikes, and children, in particular, are not shy to express them. Despite what we like, we understand that living in a society calls for appropriate dressing for each occasion. This is a teaching moment for most of the parents – help your kids pick rompers or overalls for a day out in the park or shorts and baby doll dresses for a picnic. For festive days, they may get excited about dressing in an ethnic wear and smart casuals for celebrations. As parents, it is your responsibility to do up their wardrobe with confidence-building clothing that will help them blend into any social situation. 

Building an Identity

Picking own clothes and dressing own selves are a great way to express individuality and build one’s own identity. Your munchkins do this by taking ownership of their clothes and learning to care for them as well. Scientists and researchers agree that children who learn these skills grow up as confident and independent as adults. Dressing themselves help building gross motor skills in children. All these are large strides in building confidence in your little ones. Learning to understand your child’s preferences and clothing choices also help parents bond better with their kiddos.

Introduction to Buying

When you decide to buy boys shirts or girls’ dresses from a popular online store like RookieIndia, it may be a good idea to involve your child as well. This could be your child’s introduction to the world of buying and transacting. It helps them understand the value of the products you buy and also learn a little bit about money. Starting early helps children grow up confident when it comes to handling money and making smart purchases.

A number of pediatricians and child researchers endorse the practice of involving children in buying their clothes and dressing themselves. As a parent, you will also feel proud of your child’s ability to don his or her own garments in style.

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