All About The Character Anakin Skywalker

Because he is obsessed with Padme, Anakin Skywalker is a nervous and conflicted individual. As a result of this passion, he had a strong desire to be closer to her (Strasser 32). He probably needed to cling to Padme in particular because of his mother’s early separation from him. His intense affection for her was the motivating factor behind his ridiculous and obsessional dread of losing her. His concern with the actions and frantic fear of his girlfriend is other factors contributing to his perception of being nervous and ambivalent (Lucas et al. n.p.). The conflict between Anakin and Obi-Wan was similar to that of Obi-Wan.

While they frequently engaged in combat together, there were moments when Anakin viewed Obi-Wan with jealousy and a sense of superiority. Obi-Wan served as Anakin’s father figure during his late adolescence and early adulthood. He nevertheless managed to repress his subliminal desires to see his adopted father killed. These sinister ideas, sentiments, and aspirations soon became conscious ones as time went on. One instance of these transformations could be seen in Anakin’s attempt to kill Obi-Wan.

Anakin’s Life

Anakin’s life was profoundly altered by two dreams. The first picture was of his dying mother, which caused him to become alarmed and angry and run frantically to his planet. Even though he arrived too late, he deliberately behaved. His feelings were a result of the dream he experienced while he was exacting revenge on Shmi. He also experienced a significant dream in which he witnessed Padme passing away while giving birth. Through his relentless efforts to stop his wife’s death, he was able to express the feelings of this dream.

In the end, the emotions he experienced while he was unconscious led him to the Dark Side and significantly influenced his transformation into Darth Vader. Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader more as a result of his issues than as a result of the Dark Force’s influence (Strasser 54). He exhibits erratic and impulsive behaviour despite being driven by good intentions. Greed and power were Darth Vader’s defining characteristics once he turned to the Dark Side.

The idea that he may utilise the ability to save his wife served as another impetus for his conversion to the Dark Side. As a result, his affection for Padme took on a dark quality because of the way he behaved, which indicated that he would stop at nothing to win Padme over. Darth Vader can be characterised as impetuous and motivated by self-serving ambitions. He kills people by overwhelming them to vent his fury. Darth Vader does not want pleasure; instead, his motivation is to avoid agony. His efforts to stop his mother and wife from passing away serve as proof of this.

Darth Vader’s internal perceptions are flawed because he thought the Dark Force would grant him more authority and allow him to establish his perverse moral code. He thinks that the enigmatic force could save Padme to justify his deadly nature. Darth Vader’s ego prevented him from being able to restrain his urges. Instead, it distanced him even more from the truth of his lowly roots.

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