11 Purrfect Pet Presents that Will Get their Tail Wagging

There’s nothing quite like a pet. Whether they are a cat, dog, fish or guinea pig, pet owners beam with pride and love when talking about their fur babies. The unconditional love that exists between owner and pet is a bond that is timeless and spans across species. When you are invited to help celebrate this relationship, choose a gift that will be perfectly pleasing and adored!

  • Catit Cat Flower Fountain. You may have already discovered that cats don’t like water much, but if they can get their paws into a running stream of it, their eyes light up! This sweet little fountain has a plastic daisy in the center where water streams out of the seams, giving cats oxygenated water from a fountain that is energy efficient and quiet.
  • Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. This is great for active dogs that will have fun working a little bit for their treats. They’ll even get smarter the more they play with it, as they’ll learn how to get the treats quicker and quicker. Available in two sizes for different sized pooches, their dog will love it and their owner will love watching them with the ball!
  • Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center. This interactive toy for cats offers 360 degrees of grooming action, along with a calming spot meant just for kitty. There are two areas of fins for the cat to self-groom and even a brush to collect loose fur, so it doesn’t wind up all over their floor!
  • Goody Birthday Box. Dog parents love to celebrate their pet’s birthday, and this Chewy birthday box is designed to make it complete. The box comes with three tasty treats including birthday cake bites, two pup toys and a stylish bandana. It also has activities and a recipe just for pooches inside.
  • Visa Gift Card. Now is the time for a gift that keeps on giving! A Visa gift card is available in various denominations and allows for purchasing power all over at countless stores. The proud pet parents can get anything they want for their little nipper, and you can customize the card with an adorable photo and best wishes text!
  • FurBaby Socks. Sure, they would love to have their pet with them at all hours of the day but of course, that’s just not possible. It is with FurBaby customized socks! Upload any pet photo (horse, bird, bunny, anything) choose a fun color, size, and voila, the most durable and comfy socks they will love to wear anywhere.
  • Personalized Dog Tote. Meant for small dogs, this canvas tote by Land’s End comes in rich red or navy, and can be customized with the pet’s name or another phrase. There’s a firm base so the little guy or girl won’t lose their footing and can stand easily. It’s water-repellent and has a safety hook inside to attach to the dog’s collar and keep them safe.
  • Custom Pet Portrait. Are your friends celebrating more than one pet? This gift lets you put up to three pets onto this wall decor. Choose from background colors like dusty pink and charcoal gray, framing options and size. Don’t worry if the picture of the pet has a leash or collar, it is removed if desired for the depiction. This unique piece places the pet on the lower half with their name lovingly above.
  • Grip Trex Boots. Is your fur baby parent a hiker, mountaineer or camper and takes their dog with them on all of their adventures? Grip Trex Boots are for dogs so they can be free to run, hike and explore safely alongside their humans. The ground might be extremely hot, slippery or even rough, in which case these boots will protect their paws from environmental extremes and dirt and debris.
  • Automatic Feeder. For either dogs or cats, there’s nothing quite as satisfying for a pet owner as knowing that even if they are late ringing the dinner bell, Fluffy or Fido won’t go hungry. The PetSafe version is WiFi friendly and app enabled so they can feed their pet at any time – and anywhere – from their phone.
  • Bissell BarkBath. This portable Dog Washer can be used anywhere, even in the middle of the living room. There’s no fuss and can also be used to clean rugs, upholstery and carpets. Customizable grooming clips ensure a unique clean and customizable nozzle sprays adjust to fur length.

Have fun celebrating your friend’s fur baby with a gift that makes their life easier and even more pet friendly!

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