The choice of a gift for a corporate partner is like the dilemma of the century for many people. This is especially true for multinational partners. Choosing a gift that expresses the friendship between the two parties and highlights the depth of the company’s culture can often be a great addition to the partnership. If you are planning to send gifts to China, this article will help you. Gifting is the giving of something to someone by way of a gift. Gifting also refers to the giving of possessions or titles etc. to someone without cost. So do you know about gift giving etiquette?

  Five principles of gift giving in business etiquette:

  First, the purpose of the gift is not to send, is to contact feelings, to express gratitude or a pay rise and promotion, etc., must be clear purpose. Send a gift to the leader does not understand what you want to do, is the same as sending in vain.

  Secondly, the best gift content, so that the boss can see at a glance you are thoughtful, rather than just carry a few packets of snacks perfunctory. In the usual communication, know the leader’s preferences in a certain area, can throw in the towel, deepen feelings is most important to let each other feel your heart, spend a thoughtful things are most likely to make people moved. In fact, deepening feelings and pleasing are two things, why to please your boss, is not to deepen feelings? When your feelings are sincere and beautiful, it is no longer superficial “to please”, but in the “deepening” of feelings.

  Third, the gift should not be too expensive. The gift is light, that is to say, in order to deepen the feelings and send the gift, not in the value of the gift, but in the friendship. If you are looking for a gift for your Chinese partner, an exquisite afternoon tea is a good choice for a certain budget. When it comes to afternoons there is no shortage of delicious desserts. If you want to take cake delivery in China, sammygift can help you.

  Fourthly, it is important to choose the right time and occasion for the gift. When you present a gift, be careful not to embarrass yourself or anyone else present. It is better to leave the gift on your boss’s desk early in the morning before work or after work in the afternoon when not many people are paying attention, to avoid making those who do not want to give gifts to their boss feel uncomfortable.

Fifth, if a colleague is gossiping for some reason, first of all, be generous and natural to yourself, so that you know what you are doing and are passing on a good feeling. If you are covered up, how not to let people suspect that you are not “malicious” it? Let more people feel your genuine affection, and after a while, the gossip will go away and you will be more popular because you value your feelings and are grateful for the help you receive from others.